About Barry

As a city planner his whole career, Barry Michelson is no stranger to having a long-term vision and implementing it. For over forty years, he has done just this and done so with budgets in mind. When a city thrives, our families, businesses, and wallets do, too. Barry knows that achieving this is the result of focusing forward without sacrificing the heart of the community — its people and the traditions that define them. Time and again, he has advocated for just this in Stamford.

Barry supports the ideals of an efficient government. He also understands that tax and spend isn’t the fair approach to our wallets. He holds fast to a core set of values shared by people in Stamford including the common sense view that you should only spend what you can afford and not run up the City’s budget at taxpayer’s expense.

​Through his years of public service, Barry has advocated for the City taking sensible steps without overburdening its taxpayers, and he has been the voice of residents who have felt the strain of big development overshadowing their neighborhoods. A balance of the beauty of Stamford’s green spaces and water with the convenience of the City’s offerings may have been inspired by Barry’s combined love of city life and outdoors activities such as hiking and kayaking. Stamford has the best of it all, and retaining that is part of Barry’s vision for its present and future.

Barry’s commitment to this view started as a youth in New York where he became civic minded while in the Boy Scouts. He went on to graduate from NYU and started his career in New York City. He and his wife, Shelley moved to Stamford forty years ago where they have lived continuously and raised their now grown children, Lindsay and Andrew.

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