I love Stamford.

I’ve lived here about 40 years, and it’s home. But it’s changed recently, and it feels like it’s lost its way. Maybe you’ve felt that way too.

While our vision for our lives and families and businesses remain clear, it seems the City has no vision for itself. And we pay the price while it spins its wheels in this void.

With uncertainty. With higher taxes. With basic quality of life concerns of everyday residents seemingly ignored. Even with pothole after pothole. I can no longer stand by and watch this happen, and for this reason, I am proud to have declared my candidacy and look forward to being your next Mayor.

I am committed to Stamford, to its people and businesses, and to its future.

Together we will see Stamford thrive for all of us.

Approved by Barry Michelson – Paid for by Barry 2017 – Lisa Michelson, Treasurer